My neighbor is a nudest.................................

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April 4, 2008 10:27pm CST
Well I moved into my new house about 7 months ago and I though my neighbor was just an old man,as any would think I would guess.One morning after living here only about a month,I went to let my dog out and I got the suprise of my life,yeah if you guessed he was outside roaming naked.I was just in shock I guess,but I was also glad that my daughter didn't follow me outside that morning as she usually does. So I was instucted to call police,so thats what I did,but I kinda felt nbad for doing it,like 3 cop cars showed up and I was omg what did I do to this old man? To find out he used to be a memeber of a nudest colony in a near by town,and said he never had any problems with doing it before because the guy who lived her before was single and was never home,which might have been ok,But he seen I had young kids don't you think it would have sunk in that he shouldn't do that sort of thing?Would have you done the same thing?If not what would have you done in my situation?
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@kezabelle (2984)
19 Apr 08
I would have done the same I dont think my two small children need to see an old man naked everytime they go out to play in the garden and while this man is intitled to live his life how he wishes he also needs to respect others feeling especially with young children about.
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18 Apr 08
My first response to your question was going to be a smarty pants "Lucky You!" I'll try to do better.... I probably would have done the same thing you did. You could have started with the "friendly neighbor" approach but it would have angered you when he ignored your request and did it anyway. I'm assuming that is what he would have done based on the fact that he knows you have young children and did it anyway. This way you are on record and if he continues with his "nekked neighbor" routine you have already started the ball rolling with legal assistance.