Twin plight cruel beyond belief??

@jidesh (283)
April 5, 2008 9:19am CST
TWINS who unwittingly got married after they were separated at birth were victims of a quirk of fate “cruel beyond belief,” it emerged last night. The smitten brother and sister — adopted by different families — discovered the shattering truth only after tying the knot. Against all odds they had met and fallen for each other — neither even knowing they had a twin. The horrified British couple faced the heartbreak of seeking to have their marriage annulled in the High Court after eventually finding out their love was forbidden. A judge was forced to rule the union was NEVER valid in law. Link to whole article:: 1. Should life plan itself in accordance with societal norms ? How can such thing be prevented? 2. What should they do? Fight law or Obey it? 3. What if a baby was involved, then what would have society said? will the judge come up and take care of child ? 4. Anything else you want to say
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@sanell (2114)
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6 Apr 08
I feel really bad for them it just is not fair, it is so upsetting that their adopted parents NEVER told them that this could have happened or that they were not even prepared to figure that perhaps they had a sibling out there let alone their twin. IT does make sense that they would be attracted to each other in that way. Especially when they never would have known. There was a story on dateline about a large family who had to give up a lot of their children because they no longer could keep them or maintain them due to financial reasons, one of the siblings was given up at birth and even a few more, at the age of 2 or just at birth. One sibling ended up dating his sister, they never knew they were related until way later. When he found it that the gal he dated was his sister he was so mortified but at the same time he thought, WOW That is bizarre but they were never intimate with eachother but that he was excited, and she was to to know that they were actually siblings since the split between them was amicable. It was still bizarre to think that they could have been a couple finding out later on that they ended up being siblings...just a little bit shocking. IT is not hard for that to happen and it can be extremely scary. With the open adoptions that are out there now, it is a lot easier to knwo if you are adopted or not, I would never want my child I gave away to end up with another child that I may have given away especially in that circumstance. That poor couple/Twins must be just messed up in the head too, because I am sure they were thinking something was wrogn with them to fall in love with a know?
@paid2write (5202)
5 Apr 08
I don't this particular problem could happen again because twins are never separated at birth now, and will always be adopted together. It is a sad case and they will have to get used to being brother and sister rather than husband and wife. I think there could be problems with fertility treatment using donors for insemination. If children are not told they were conceived in this way, they could meet and fall in love with someone who had the same donor father. Or in the case of egg donation they could have the same genetic mother.