important in life??

@jidesh (283)
April 5, 2008 9:49am CST
Poets, writers,movies and tv shows all have emphasized over and over again how miraculous and gratifying falling in love the extent that most of us yearn to have some one special in our lives pampering us and making our lives worthwhile. however philosphers and the elders in the family tell you , it is a mirage, a fantasy that truly cannot exist in real life(at least not the way picturised in the books and shows). what do you important is love in life, how far are you ready to go to achieve it?
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• India
5 Apr 08
there are many medias that tells that love is such an art. but some news says that they are just like a TSunami. for me love is an Art of True feelings. Love can make any thing possible. it can make a man to reach the sky...
@munhozmib (3838)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
5 Apr 08
Hello, Mister Jidesh. I believe that the Television and all the media nowadays pass the "Love" as an extremely good feeling. However, it is not always just like that. Sometimes, love does not come from both sides. You love the person but the person doesn't love you. I have passed through that already and I can guarantee that it is certainly NOT a good feeling. Perhaps love is as awesome as they say, if both feel it for each other. Perhaps not. Can't tell you because I have never been loved back by those who I do love. I can tell you, though, that right now there are people killing in the name of "love". The feeling is so strong that drives them crazy and make them kill theirselves. So, if it's beautiful, I don't know. But it is certainly strong. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
• China
5 Apr 08
I think for me,the most important thing in life is love,I can't live without love,no matter the love from my parents,my friends,my boyfriend,I cherish them a lot~I hope I can own them all my life~