What are your favourite quotations?

@TheDevil (840)
April 5, 2008 10:01am CST
Don't you sumtimes feel stuck to a problem or a no-win situation and you find yourself very depressed and unable to do anything ? It even gets worse when you find nobody to talk to. Well,I had gone thru this a lot.One of the things that helped me is reading these lines everytime I feel depressed.They are a part of a novel called Robinson Crusoe written by Daniel Defoe.Its a story of a sailor who was desolated in an island alone and with nothing to help him survive.Believe me! It will help you to see the brightt side of any problem. "I had now brought my state of life to be much easier in it self than it was at first, and much easier to my mind,as well as to my body.I frequently sat down to my meat with Thankfulness and admire the Hands of God;s providence,which had thus spread my table in the wilderness.I learn to look more upon the bright side of my condition and less upon the dark side; and to consider what i enjoyed rather than what I wanted;and this game me sumtimes such secret comforts,that I cannot express them; and which i take notice of here,to put those discontented people in mind of it,who cannot enjoycomfortably what God has given them;because they see and covet sumthing that he has not given them;All our discontents about what we want,appear to me ,to spring from the want of truthfulness for what we have." From robinson crusoe by daniel defoe
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