"a huge striped reptile took up residence in my tummy"

Snake in her tummy - This is the actual cut or report from a woman who was operated to remove the living snake in her stomach. It was very scary. I have researched this one and found out that it is really possible. I am really afraid of reptiles so I freaked out.
April 5, 2008 10:33am CST
Hi Guys, I just want to share this to you. I decided to put it here since after read this report, it really affected me... I will never ever ever ever drink water from the river or falls! Scarryyy!here is the report, you can open the picture below to see the actual report"Emergency room doctors were stunned when they cut into a woms's belly-- and found a 1.83 meter snake!!!""It was like something out of a horror movie," says Dr Perez, one of the physicians at a bustling New York ER. "The snake was white with bands of a darker colour arount it. The mouth was large and when it looked at us, it bared its fangs and hissed like a steam kettle. "I guess the snake was in a rage because we were taking it from its secret lair. One attending nurse fainted and another just stood there and screamed. I felt a little woozy myself.""The Patient, 36-year old Patricia Roger, had been rushed to the hospital complaining of stomach pains. "When patty woke up that morning she was in agony," recalls her husband David, a 40-yr old security guard."We thought it was something she'd eaten the night before. We had been to a Japanese restaurant and Patty had eaten sushi. I've always been squeamish about eating raw fish, and said, "I told you so", when my wife got sick, David raced his moaning spouse to the ER, where the Doctors were baffled by their patient's symptoms. "Mrs Rogers began to vomit violently, then went into convulsion," says Perez. "When we removed her clothes we could see something moving beneath the skin of her stomach. "We took X-rays, but couldn't quite believe what we were seeing. Before we could discuss what to do next, Mrs. Rogers heart stopped. We didn't have time to get her to an OR. We had to operate immediately. "I believe the snake had been living in her large instestine, feeding from the food that passed through her gastrointestinal system-- and growing biger and bigger. "How it got there, we have no idea. Nor does she"But after surgeons remove the snake from Rogers' stomach, she slowly recovered-- and researchers say she may have swallowed snake eggs when she drank river water on a camping trip.
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@eden32 (3975)
• United States
5 Apr 08
This is some sort of gag or urban legend. Snake eggs are not laid in the water, nor are they so tiny that one could swallow them without knowing. If they could be swallowed accidentally, they would not incubate in a person's stomach. Your stomach acid would damage the egg & kill the incubating snake. If a snake could hatch out in a stomach (and again they absolutely can not) they would quickly die from the exposure to the stomach acids. The same way your stomach breaks down chicken, pork, beef etc it would break down the snake. All snakes eat live prey foods. They are not scavengers. There is no way a snake fed off of food in the intestines or the stomach. And finally most snakes are very slow growing into adulthood- reason this out, if she swallowed an egg so tiny she didn't know about it, the snake would be the size of a worm when it hatched. It would take years if it had the potential to get to be 1.83 meters. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I don't see how anyone could fall for this story.
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
Yes, i search this on the Internet and it is one of the urban legend stories but still it give me creeps. I don't know about snakes stuff since I hate/afraid of snakes so when I saw this, i just posted it here. Cheers!
• Pakistan
16 Apr 08
I dont know if it is true.I have also heard many such type of stories here as well but no proof to believe them to be true .