another english poem

@JamesMa (119)
April 5, 2008 11:21am CST
This poem is the first time I try to worte what was written several months ago. I can not control how best or how worst the result will be. But I just want to try. Tonight I reopen mylot, and read what I wrote before, I read some stange friends' commends which give me much sense. Here I copy it in mylot. "Too more to be said resulted in keeping silence. No one interest and nobody understand how sad. Pressure becomes strong while happiness will disappear. Try to escape through closing the eyes and the ears. But why is the lonely heart still so clear?" Now, the unhappy things is fading. That is the result I try my best to achieve. I must do that for I must face the reality and find myself back. Everything is gone, and the life must be going on. Try to live with a broken heart.
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