Reality shows are sooo phony

April 5, 2008 12:39pm CST
I love America's Next Top Model! Well, I used to love it. That was until Bianca was eliminated last season. For some reason, when that happened, I started to look at this show through different eyes. OK, on to why I think this show (and reality shows in general), are phony. I have seen every season of Top Model, and a pattern started to emerge. Usually 13 girls are chosen, but whenever Tyra chooses 14 (it has been done twice) 2 girls are eliminated in one week. On two separate seasons, one of the girls had a friend who died. It just so happens that in both of these seasons, and ONLY these seasons, a photo shoot involved something relating to death (one was a shoot in a graveyard, the other a "death scene" shoot). Tyra and the rest of the panel act like they are so insightful during judging, as if they do not see footage of the girls at the house prior to judging. One more thing. Why is it that the winner gets a $100,000 Cover Girl contract, but you never see a single winner in a Cover Girl commercial? Just those crappy homemade ones they show during Top Model. It seems you are better off losing this competition. I see those girls more that I see the winners! Any fans out there? What do YOU think?
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@joekid (87)
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6 Apr 08
Your right, I have not seen any of them in covergirl comm. only the ones they play during the show. Queen Latifah is the only person I ever see in a covergirl comm. I do watch the show abd I have been for a couple seasons now but I am starting to get bored with it.
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5 Apr 08
Hello and welcome to mylot. I hope you have fun and yes I am a fan of ANTM. I forgot who Bianca was from last season but I understand what your trying to get at. Although I have seen some of the winners in Cover Girl commercials and then I be seeing commercials and I could've sworn some of the other girls in commercials for stores or stuff like that. Yeah Tyra does watch the footage and should be able to know who actually has more talent. When she chooses fourteen girls I don't like it when two have to go. I think it's dumb because that's like destroying two people's dreams at the same time. But this was the season that one of the girls wanted to leave because she didn't want to be there so she left and then Tyra still eliminated another one. I think she should have not eliminated another one.