No-Minimum has a Trojan Virus?

@jenni7202 (1598)
United States
April 5, 2008 4:51pm CST
Everytime I do my PTR emails from No-Minimum, my virus scanner detects a Trojan Virus. It's only when I do my No-Minimum mails. It's driving me nuts. I never even noticed it until I did them on my father's laptop, and his virus protector was detecting it each time. I downloaded the same virus protector, which is Windows OneLive Care, you can download the 90 day trial for free, just search for the name of the program. I'm thinking I'm going to purchase it when the trial runs out, if I am to continue doing all these GPT sites online. I can't afford my computer getting destroyed because of random viruses. Did you ever notice that No-Minimum has viruses? Does your Virus protector even notice them?
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