April 6, 2008 9:54am CST
Come on all you Guitar players!! Lets talk our language, what do you play, what do you like to play, what do you want to play. First question, Strap Locks??!!??
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@walijo2008 (4646)
• United States
9 Apr 08
Yes I would advise using strap locks. I myself need to put some on my guitar, because more than once, I've gotten up to sing, and my strap came off, and luckily I've had a hold of my guitar so it didn't fall to the floor. It bothers me when that happens. Oh, I play guitar and bass guitar...
7 Apr 08
Ok, lets talk. Strap locks are great little gizmos on certain guitars. First, heavy guitars, such as a Gibson Les Paul and any other electric that weighs enough to elongate the hole enough on the strap to pop it loose. Second, on any electric that cost more than your car! They are not so good on acoustics though. Many acoustics do not have the head end button in a place where they will work. So much for strap locks. I play a variety of guitars, both acoustic and electric. I play and sing Country music and the acoustics sometimes sound better for what I play. I have a 1972 vintage Ovation that has done a lot of gigs over the years. Also, a Martin D45 (1970), a Martin HD35 with Fishman electronics (2002), a Line 6 Variax acoustic (which can sound like any other acoustic I might want to play), an old Fender acoustic, a Yamaha classic and lastly a Line 6 Variax 700 that emulates any electric I could possibly want. I also have various amps to play these through. That about sums it up. I cannot think of any other guitars that I could possibly want, with the Variaxes, I got them all.
@Galena (9120)
6 Apr 08
no strap locks, but I have used the seals of Grolsch bottles or elastic bands. hehe. rock and roll. I have a few gits, but my main one is a Heritage Cherry Gibson SG Standard, through a Rat and a Boss Flanger and DD3.