Internet scams

United States
April 6, 2008 4:27pm CST
Have any of you been approached by persons wanting to scam you of your hard earned money?
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@se7enthbird (8322)
• Philippines
9 Apr 08
i heard my wifes friend receive a letter from her email from a Rev. Father paul.... i forgot the surname. her friend did really believe about it and was willing to cooperate for the priest told she won a lot of money. but before she can get that money she has to send the priest some amount of money as well. i told her not to believe for it is just a scam.
@edyst3 (29)
• Indonesia
7 Apr 08
yes, almost everyday I got scammed email. I read their email. They said that they have lots of money and need to invest or something else, bla bla. First time I really impress and almost cheated. They offer fantastic amount of money. Fortunately, I re-think their offer and I also remember what my friends have told me. They also received similar email. My friends told me to be careful and ignore them. Everyday, I tired deleting those junk email. Almost everyday they send email with different name and different email address. Guys be careful and you must check and re-check. Don't get scam by the scammer...
@sanell (2113)
• United States
6 Apr 08
all the time! I had gottne information and bought a program from one guy, well then he put up a webpage for me, and that got me banned from my paypal account. I never even used the stupid webpage at all, and yet that was not enough. So I did all I could to figure out how to get this webpage off, well I finally saw that it will expire and hopefully just come off the system in a few least I can get out of my paypal account my money now, they wrote me saying I can get my money out but that I can not close my account nor I still can not send or recieve cash which sucks!! Anyway, other than that, I am pretty sure I am never going to do that ever again! good luck
@DonnaLawson (4032)
• United States
6 Apr 08
I ignore everything that I get in my email unless it is from someone that I know.. I have read a few of the emails that are in my spam folder, just for the fun of it.. I can get millions from this lady in Zimbobwe or a gentleman in Timbucktoo, all that I have to do is let them put their money in my checking account, because they have to get their money out of the country or something similiar to that story line.. Oh well, if I don't win the lottery, I may have to help Mr. Zimwah get his money out of the country and away from his renegade government, after all, it would be a quick mil or two..
6 Apr 08
Too many times !! I sometimes keep the emails for entertainment because the stories almost tug at my heart strings. Then theres all those lottery scams (oh if only. Apparently Ive won that much i cant even count that high! )The lovely work at home programs. I have written back to the scammers before and told them to get a life. Once i wrote somebody a lovely email about carbon emissions to try bore myself off their list but nearly every week i get something. Why ? have you been scammed ?