why is smoking marijuana illigal?

April 7, 2008 6:11am CST
.. i don't smoke marijuana.. ------------------------------------ Ok since i have never smoked marijuana, i do not know what effect it has.. There must be reason why the government has banned it.. because i have never heard anyone get aggravated and ending up having fights after smokin the green.. People who smoke tell me that it actually calms you down.. Is smoking marijuana really that bad.. I have also heard that there are one group of people who fight for the right to smoke marijuana just like people have the right to drink alcohol.. Is it so that, since the whole world drinks alcohol, we should legalize it and band any other substance we don't do.. I think there is some European country where it is legal to smoke marijuana. I think marijuana is one of those substance that is consumed second to alcohol. i mean besides cigarettes. Give your view guys..
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