Who do you think you should give your most appreciation when you were in trouble

April 7, 2008 7:37am CST
Well,I 'm 25 years old ,after completing the university ,I ,fortunately,joined a famous company where I can learn much more than in my University.But I still give my best regard to my teacher when I was going to graduate.He taught me many things ,not only the knowledge ,but also what I could keep my life from then on. Thank you ,Mr Lee.
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@jc_star10 (953)
• Indonesia
7 Apr 08
I'm not sure if i understand your question but i will try my best to answer it. Oh yea, before i answered the question, I give a two thumb for still remember your teacher and give regard to him. Not many people still remember their teacher..:) that's including me. I sometimes forget how they already teach me very well. My most appreciation will goes to my mom of course. She is the one that always be there for me no matter what. When I'm happy, sad or even mad. She is the one that able to give me solution or just being friends.
• China
8 Apr 08
Yah,I approve of your viewpoint.The same to you,I also appreciate my mom from my young.She always natter everyday,including my life ,my new friends,and my Dad's daily life.I had really disliked that behavior at one time,however as the time going,I learned to consider that action.I understand this action means love,which will follow me all my life. Now I'm not a youngster,I had got my work to maintain my life.Although the times to go home is fewer year after year,the miss with my mom is intenser day by day. She is not only my mother ,but she also gave me her total love Thank you mom And good luck jc_star10,best regards to your mother and you o(n_n)o...