Tips: How to Avoid Get-Paid-To Program Scams

@rhane7315 (5670)
April 7, 2008 12:32pm CST
i read it from one of the sites and i wanna share this to you guys Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites (e.g. paid surveys, get paid to click, get paid to read e-mails, get paid to surf, get to post, get paid to complete offers, get paid to blog, get paid to socialize, etc.) are the most attractive money-making opportunities to internet users, especially to starters. I, too, had several experiences with paid-to programs when I was just learning that the internet promises real money through these programs. Even now, I am a member of some GPT programs. Paid-to programs are appealing because most of these do not require payment for registration and you can spend any amount of time at your convenience. With numerous paid-to sites coming out, you can hardly distinguish which are worth trying (and is really paying) and which are plain scams. Most of these programs require you to pay a certain amount to be a premium members. Being a premium member entitles you to earn more with your account. Who wouldn't want to earn more, right? So you pay for the premium package. During the first days, you were elated because you see your earnings getting bigger and bigger. Then suddenly, you wake up one day losing everything. You were scammed! There is an increasing number of user who succumb to this kind of easy money but wake up one day getting scammed because they forgot the most important step before joining and putting money in these programs - they failed to investigate. 1. Before joining a program, throughly evaluate the GPT opportunity and the site as a whole. Read the About, Help/FAQs, TOS, and Privacy Policy of the sites. These pages may contain and answer every information you needed about the site. 2. Is the GPT site a scam? Do a search. Type the GPT opportunity (website url or name) plus the word "scam". 3. Visit scam listings ( see if a site is listed as scam. 4. Read reviews and recommendations from members, Most importantly, read the complaints. is a good source to read complaints from members about GPT opportunities/sites. 5. Assess how much money you will earn and if it's worth your time. Spending your time clicking ads and completing offers for a small compensation is also a form of scam. You may not be spending a dime for clicking ads or completing offers and tasks but you should also consider how much do you pay for your internet connection. It sounds simply ridiculous to spend three hours (worth almost a $1.00 if you are using the service of an internet cafe in the Philippines) yet earning few cents for completed offer. There are other ways to make money online - through blogging (through ads), promoting and selling products, being an affiliate, etc. which are legitimate one. However, many users do not opt to choose them because they can be a hard task. But nothing is more rewarding than seeing your efforts getting well compensated.
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@StereoDiva (2143)
• Canada
7 Apr 08
Thank you for posting this. I think there are many people who think that gpt sites will lead them to their financial heaven, sadly, this is not the case for many sites. Great discussion!!!
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• United States
7 Apr 08
I cannot stress enough that you need to thoroughly check out your sites before joining. I have also found which lists sites that have had complaints filed and those that are close to being boycotted. Check it out for more great info.