will you leave your love for your family

@alcazar (761)
April 7, 2008 2:11pm CST
yup guys i was in love with this gal and we were pretty hot bout each other but out of nowhere the differences came between our families and they are forcing us to just forget each other ..... i am finding it really hard to take any decision??? help me out please
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• United States
7 Apr 08
Wow - this is probably going to get pretty heated because people feel so strongly one way or another. I guess my answer depends on how old you are and whether it was serious or just "hot bout each other". If you are serious, if this is really and truly the one, then my thinking is this: Eventually you are going to move out of your parent's / family's house and you are one day going to marry / cohabitate with your loved one. You may or may not have children, but if you do, eventually they are going to grow up and leave the house. That means that the longest lasting relationship that you will ever have - the one person you will spend the most time with during the course of your life is your significant other. Considering that should everything go according to plan, you would live with your love until the day you die, I believe nothing, not family, not friends, not children should ever come between you.