right now ...are u in true love???

@alcazar (761)
April 7, 2008 2:23pm CST
I am IN LOVE guys...yes guys i am in love and really donno how it happend but it has.....the damage has been done... are you in love right now/??
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@yamskee (827)
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
im heart broken yet i am inlove. i choose to love the person im inlove with right now even if he loves someopne else. I just want that person to love the person he's inlove with.
@cherriemae (3372)
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
good for you alcazar..you know, it's a very good feeling when your inlove..everyday been to be a light day, a nice day that you can do all the things that is impossible to do, you love all of the love songs that you will hear, you have nice feeling..nope, i'm not inlove right now, maybe it's only admiration for a friend but not love..i'm ready to be inlove but i'm still waiting for him, for the right person in my life..hope he will come soon...
@chiyosan (30207)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
wow! that is really good for you :) how are you doing and how is your heart by the way? you must be feeling really all well and happy being in love? Just seize the moment and enjoy the feeling... whatever hurts you just bounce right back in... Goodluck and may your relationship be blessed. I guess i am always in love... or in love with the thought of being in love. :)
@kezabelle (2979)
7 Apr 08
Ah thats greatm and yes I am and have been for several years now
@banipenet (283)
7 Apr 08
Good for you! Congratulations! I hope that you receive responses with the same love. Yes, i am in love and i am from 9 years ago. I hope this love to keep too many time from now. I wish you luck in your love!