Do you think people who work hard in work places get ploughed to work harder?

April 7, 2008 8:54pm CST
i was having a discussion with my mates and then we came across this topic.. Some of my frens had this problem and some didn't. well surely because some of us worked hard and some didn't. Ok, so we owned up and said.."i work hard" and "i don't" . The ones who worked hard found that they get ploughed even harder just because they work more. I am a supervisor at work and i realised that i make the ones who work hard work more harder just for the reason being the work will get done quicker.. Before this discussion i had not realised this issue. now that i do, i feel sorry for the guys who have had to work more.. and i will make sure that the ones who don't work harder or faster will catch up quickly. there could be like some sort of incentive that i could give my staff without the cost factor getting involved cause i don't want just a few people to work hard and the rest to slack off.. and plus it would mean more productivity.. if you guys have suggestions please let me know.. much appriciated.. i would also like to know if you fall under the same category and have few things to say.. good or bad.. any suggestion is good suggestion..
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