sport person vs advertisement

@anujain75 (1059)
April 7, 2008 9:41pm CST
I think sport person such as cricketer,footballplayer,tennis player should be banned from acting in advertisement.Because already they are generating huge income from sports.what's your view
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• United States
10 Apr 08
i am totally against this notion of banning them from acting in commercials because not all players who play these sports are rich and sexondly i dont bleive that we should stop any one from earning money if it is from fair means and also their careers are short so they need the extra bit of money.i also think that if their game is not being affected by them appearing in the commercials than there should be no problem. but i respect if any body has different views on this discuusion because i think we are made to differ with each other and i guess that you should think over the notion of banning them
• India
8 Apr 08
I feel that when we expect cricketers to play and perform we should also understand that they have a short career span and its not forever they can keep playing cricket.I understand that being a cricket crazy country but we have to let them be their own people taking decisions on their own.there's nothing wrong in earning money where you can.I don't feel they should be banned though reforms can be made to check the team.If someone doesn't perform he should be asked to leave the team.