Trying to Groom My Cocker Spaniel HORRIBLE

United States
April 8, 2008 1:54am CST
I went out and bought a grooming kit because my Cocker Spaniel is in Desperate need of a hair cut. we are battling the fleas non stop. Well the reasons I bought the grooming kit is because I figured I could do regular grooming myself and keep her looking nice. I really can't afford a regular "groomer"so figured this was the route I would take. Well I turned the clippers on and she went NUTS on me.She ran and hid under the bed and when I tried to get her out from under the bed she tried to bite me! I have a very sweet dog and she has never EVER tried to bite. I know its because my poor baby was very scared. Can anyone offer me any advice to try to make it a little easier.?
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