internet friends

April 8, 2008 2:32am CST
Do you trust your online friends?
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8 Apr 08
Never had that experience Actually No one ever becomes my friend
@kosykosy (160)
• Ghana
8 Apr 08
Yes I do, as a matter of fact. I have 2 very good online friends who I have never met. I think online friends have the potential to be very good friends, since you may never meet them it gives you the freedom to discuss any and everything. You can tell your secrets to them and they can tell you theirs. I had to finish with one of my friends recently though, because he was making me a sub... anyway, I don't have to explain all that here. However, yes, I do trust them.
@academic2 (7000)
• Uganda
8 Apr 08
After a long time, I can give my trust to an online friend, for instance there are people I can trust here on mylot even if I have not met them, one of them is williamjisir, a popular mylotter with 10 stars and close to 6000 posts, he is a very nice friend of mine!
@subha12 (18441)
• India
8 Apr 08
i don't say all of them are not worth the trus. but for me its hard to believe all. i have seen an internet friend was so sticky taht he was just pestering me too much until i blocked him from everywhere.
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
friends - friends will always be there for you
yes, i trust my online friends, because most of my online friends are reliable and helpful in times that i need them,like when i need some love advices, most of them participated to give some good advices. And i am really happy having them.
@gabrielle47 (1219)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
Hi Future and Welcome to myLot! It depends on what kinds of friends you have. For those that are just chat mates or mail friends, then I dont rely on them much but I have friends and known them only on chat or online and have not met but have seem to know each other long. I have known some of them for more than 5 years and I count on them when I have problems and no one to vent on and I run to them. The friendship level has to be deep and its between both of you to establish the trust in each other.