April 8, 2008 7:20am CST
do you believe in courting a girl? for us Filipino's we court first the one we love to believe her that we truly love her.....some of the courting that we do here is we go to the house of the girl,waiting her in her job or what are the things you do to get the answer of your love?
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@subha12 (18449)
• India
9 Apr 08
I think its the ideal situation. from courting you can be sure whether the girl truly loves you or not. its nice way to judge the person also. i have no experience still i think its good.
@kosykosy (160)
• Ghana
8 Apr 08
Yes I believe in courting. Courting is very important so that you get to know who it is you are actually going to marry. People can hide who they are, but not for too long. If you get to know your partner very well, and you do become very good friends, then your marriage can be quite solid because the two of you are friends and accept each other the way you are.
@bluemars (952)
• Australia
8 Apr 08
There are many different types I believe but it is always best to take time to get to know the person first and take time to see how feelings develop before taking anything else further. Usually then you can give yourself the chance to be sure about a person and also make up your mind about them too. I think more people should be doing that instead of jumping in head first into a relationship.
@cherriemae (3373)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
yes, i'm still believing in courtship because that's the tradition for us Filipinos and that's the proper way in telling your feelings with the shows respect to her and also to her parents..but nowadays, most of the men are not doing that and also girls are not exercising that kind of tradition..if they want that person, they go on the relationship without knowing the real attitude of the person..
@ratyz5 (7752)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
I did try letters and even folded them in fancy shapes that would make them annoyed when they can't fold it back Also gave gifts which that are both useful and trendy
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
yes. as a filipina i also believe in courtship. i do not know if other culture practice courtship. courtship is very important for us ladies because it make us feel very special and loved. although the style of courtship is not the same as it used to be years ago. still it is as important to us as it was before.