Oh my god! Don't we all love shopping???

April 8, 2008 12:37pm CST
I think everybody has a little or big part in him/her which love shopping!! We girls have a big part!! A very big part!! :) Nothing compares when you go shopping and you find something to fit you, something in which you look gorgeus and that feeling that you have something new. What do you think? What kind of shopping do you like the most? I like clothes shopping. And I also think that we girls, no matter how much money do we have we can spend it all.We find something to buy :) Don't you agree? thank you all for posting!
5 responses
@lateesha (94)
10 Apr 08
well dont get me wrong i love shopping but i cant stand crowds and also i cant find the right things i need :-(
@nice030481 (1110)
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
i really love to shop, but speaking of payment it is really hard to budget. thats why i just buy those we are needed most.. milk of my son, diaper, foods.
@zuyoji (82)
• Singapore
10 Apr 08
As a female, I like to shop around. I interested in almost everything like cloth, make-up set, stationary, books. Almost everything. One of them is the stationary department store. Take for example, Kinokuniya in Singapore's Takashimaya which located at Orchard Road. There are a lot of things inside the store. No matter is it Architecture Books, DIY Books, Pens, Magazines or Comics, Kino has them in their store. I will at least take a look around at the store and if i have money, how i wish i can buy every one of the items inside the store. That is how mad i am about shopping! :)
@fifileigh (3620)
• United States
9 Apr 08
although i am a practical shopper, i enjoy shopping around. whether mall sales, flea markets, street vendors, swap meets, boutique sales, outlets. i like used books shopping. vintage shopping is fun also.
@dvschic (1795)
• United States
8 Apr 08
i love to shop, however my girlfriend hates HATES it! she only likes to shop for electronics.. other than that i have to go by myself or make it quick! since i've been with her i do save more money by not shopping, but i really miss it sometimes! the thrill of the find! checking the clearance rack, knowing that i found the perfect item.. all that good stuff