Can you add lines onto your verizon without using your mins?

United States
April 8, 2008 6:35pm CST
Ok so a long time ago me and my sister got a family plan under my friends account. We had a seperate bill, mins, everything. So basically we just got out of paying the down payment. Im curious if you can do that now with Verizon? My sister and her husband want to get under my account but I want it to be seperate from ours, basically they are under my account but dont use mins and stuff its all seperate. Im just wondering if you can do that or not cause someone said that you can add lines but they use your minutes. So basically Id have 4 people using 700 mins. That wouldnt work. So please any info will do. I hate calling and asking unless I have to because it takes forever to get through to someone so I figured I would try this route first.
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