Do you have every confidence in you?

@gxnfly (1147)
April 9, 2008 3:52am CST
I guess most people watched The Sound of Music,it was a great movie,those songs on it were very interesting and pleasant to listen to."I have every confidence in me" is strong in me ,every time I talk about confidence I think of that song. I can say I have every confidence in me.I 'm happy about me and my life although it's not perfect.But I 'm trying my best to make life easier and more beautiful.Well a year ago,I would not dare to say that I have every confidence in me,those days were the most horrible times in my life.Thank God,I survived,I can enjoy life again. What about you,my friends?Do you have every confidence in you?
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@MichaelJay (1100)
9 Apr 08
I am glad to hear you being so positive and having confidence in 'you'. That is as it should be when a person is balanced and happy. It is easy enough in this life to get knocked off track but it is vital to pick yourself up and start again. If you don't have confidence in yourself it is very hard for others to have confidence in you also. After quite a few knocks, I think the experiences of life help you gain the confidence because you also realise your limitations and don't disappoint yourself and others by chasing impossible goals. Rather, you are happy with hat you HAVE achieved, not what you might WANT to do.
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@winterose (39899)
• Canada
10 Apr 08
to be honest, I am very confident in some things but not others. It just depends on what it is and how well I know the area. But keep on the that wrote you are on the right track and should do well in life with that positive attitude.
@kun2349 (23473)
• Singapore
9 Apr 08
I feel most confident about myself is when i'm doing endurance training.. I need to confidence in myself to see myself thru and gain the endurance.. Without the, i can do it, attitude, i guess there wun be a healthy and fit guy here now.. LOL