moving away from your home town

April 9, 2008 5:02am CST
This is something I thought of when replying to another post. I moved towns about 3 years ago and I am now 5 hours away from my home town. What I am finding is that I really miss some of the professionals in my home town that I dealt with on a regular basis. I really miss my Bowen Therapist as I haven't found one in my new town yet. I also miss having an accountant that I trust being close by. I had built a relationship with the professionals in my life so I trusted them fully and find it really hard not to have that in my new town. The other ones I miss are my Doctor, my optometrist and my solicitor. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just strange that my professionals become my friends?
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@kezabelle (2985)
9 Apr 08
Well I was only 18 when I moved away so I didnt know many professional people, I did miss my optician at first as he knew me and my history with me being partially sighted so it was a chore to explain to a new one everything. Mostly I just miss my family but it was worth moving as me and my partner are really happy here in his home town and we can give our children a wonderful life here just as much as if id been living in my home town
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• Australia
10 Apr 08
I too am much happier since I moved. I live near the beach now where it is warm. My home town gets really cold in winter. My daughter is doing a lot better here too as it is a smaller town. She has kept in contact with some of her old friends and 2 of them are pregnant at 14! So she knows she is better off here. I think I just miss the convenience of knowing people. I used to work in the mechanical industry so if anything went wrong with my car I knew who to turn to but now I have to rely on strangers.
@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
10 Apr 08
hm, i know how is the feeling about missing home town. at this moment i live with my husband little bit far from my home town. its take about more 12 hours from my home town. i really missed about the food in my home town, the people society on there and the most important thing, i miss my family and my friends. i believe all of people , either much or less still would be miss their home town when they moved to another place
@northway (53)
• China
7 Jun 09
I was born in a small town and studied in the city center, after my graduation, I found a job far from my hometown and there is only one chance to come back to my hometown a year. but i don't have the feeling you said,when you think that you will never work again in your primary place and all your friends and professionals are the past,you will feel calm.
• Australia
8 Jun 09
Thanks, I am feeling a bit better about it all now. I think my problem is that I am not working and haven't worked for over 2 years so I am not meeting people.
@Leylalou (36)
12 Aug 08
In the last 11 years, I have moved constantly, not only different towns but different countries a high number of times and one thing I have learned is that its never 'odd' to miss anyone/anything. I have missed small things (like McDonalds Milkshakes - don't ask!) to professionals (My home town doctor!) to friends, family and all the like!