@wdwbib (20)
April 9, 2008 5:08am CST
how do you think of the penalty in the match between arsensl and liverpool? is it reasonable? who played more prettily?
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• Pakistan
9 Apr 08
no that was not a penalty at all. And Arsenal played very well even in away ground. But that was their bad luck because they could not score 3 or 4 goals in first leg at home ground therefore they are out now. But they played well.
• China
10 Apr 08
yes ,in the first leg ,Arsenal played very well,and they should be given a penalty ,because Kuyt from Liverpool make an obvious mistake in the forbidden zone,but the judge did not pay attention to it.Everyone have to accept the bad result of the Arsenal's out. However,even though,the team deserves fans's respects. what's about your opinion,wdwbid,which team do you like better between the two teams? and we must admit that Liverpool is a great team,even if the team has not a good rank in the England-league.All the time ,they always have experience in the UEFA.
• Malaysia
10 Apr 08
I am Happy for Liverpool but I don't think the Babel penalty is a correct decision by referee. The one by Dirk Kuyt in Emirates is a clear penalty but that was football. I think Liverpool have been lucky this time while Arsenal played very well. Credits to Arsenal FC but I am very apology for them since I am with Liverpool.