Beauty without cruelty

@ellie26 (4133)
April 9, 2008 2:59pm CST
The face cream smells delicious, feels gratifying luxurious and promises to smooth out wrinkles. "No Animal Testing" or "Not tested on animals" appeared boldly on the label. However, you can't be sure that no animals suffered or died to make this product. Despite what the label says, this face cream or any one of its ingredients, could easily have been rubbed into a bunny eyes, forced-fed down a rat's throat or smeared over a guinea pig's raw skin. Does it disturb you that your skincare products and beauty regime may contribute to the pain, suffering and death of countless animals? If so, do you agree that we should move in the direction to a market for truly cruelty-free products?
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20 Apr 08
I also only buy from Lush as not only do they sell cruelty-free products they only do business with companies who don't test on animals. Their products are also vegetarian and many vegan too.
9 Apr 08
I use products from including their BNever range. They're cruelty-free and are active in campaigning for an end to animal testing. They're about as animal-friendly as a company can possibly get!