A sneeze to feel good or a tornado in the making.

@Tetchie (2932)
April 9, 2008 5:20pm CST
Have you ever noticed how sneezing makes you feel good. It's a release of sorts, an exploding volcano for some. Living with hayfever or allergy sufferers can feel like your own head is being shot off. Hurricane Arrrchooooooooooooo shakes the house! Are your sneezing experiences painful or pleasurable?
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@dodoguy (1292)
• Australia
9 Apr 08
Hi Tetchie, Apt descriptions indeed for this most common of allergic reflexes. I like the volcano metaphor - it conjures up visions of a cascading avalanche of steaming snot (and who hasn't had THAT delightful experience?). Just by the by, anyone who suffers from severe hay-fever or other sinus-related problems can get a WORLD of relief by sucking on some ice. Seriously, it's natural, it works, and it goes straight to the heart of the problem. And it's cheap if you have ice on hand, but any frozen condiment will do. The pleasure or "good" feeling which sneezing produces is rather peculiar when you stop to think about it. It's doubtless all part of the wisdom that's engineered so exquisite a marvel as the living body - the better the sneeze, the better the feeling, which probably means that a good sneeze is better for you (but passing pedestrians beware!). I believe Duran Duran had a song about sneezing a while back - holding it off for as long as you can, to get a really good sneeze (or something like that).
@Tetchie (2932)
• Australia
10 Apr 08
You are such a poet, so descriptive of this natural human exvolution. Holding it off for as long as you can then...........there she blows! The crescendo is as good as the climax, that feeling just before the explosion - nnnice feeling! Thanks for the natural ice remedy too. I'll get the man to give it ago. So good to see you, it's been ages friend.