girls grow faster?

April 9, 2008 5:26pm CST
people say gurls grow faster i mean thy say gurls are mature den boys doesnt matter if thy r of same age.. u believe in dat..? well i do kinda ya..& u?
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9 Apr 08
I definitely think that girls grow in MATURITY faster than boys, and may very well start puberty sooner, hence developing physically and emotionally quicker, but boys do seem to all of a sudden shoot up, a little later than the girls, but quicker. So i guess its all relative . x
• India
9 Apr 08
umm pretty outspoken but kewl
10 Apr 08
Carraig Burn, (is that the right spelling?), Count - This photograph was taken by me when my fiance and i visited his home town in Wexford, Southern Ireland for two weeks last summer.
We took our mountain bikes with us to Carraig Burn, which is a beautiful steep inclining hill, with beautiful scenery at the peak, and a great bikeride down again! (rather tough pushing the bikes up, but it made up for it with the panoramic view at the top of Carraig Burn, and the fun bikeride back down the bumpy pathways down the hill).
This is the first of a set of a few pictures taken here on teh same day.. enjoy! xxx
LOL, hahaa.. was i outspoken?.. hehe, sorry! (but i'm right though arent i! rofl) Take care sweetie. xxxxx