Why can't musicians come out with their own music?

United States
October 31, 2006 8:19pm CST
Has anyone else notice lately that a lot of the new bands are just copying older bands, even singing the same songs? What happened to being origional?
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@123bart (303)
3 Feb 07
well, the idea used to be to play what sells, all while trying to have their own style. Jimi Hendrix at first had all covers but with his own style, Led Zeppelin must have done a quadrillion covers, so did many others.. also it is very difficult to get signed up when your music isn't the same old formula that's proven to sell, see what happened to the beatles when they tried to get signed up themselves. Anyway, I have tons of music that is different from the rest, of course these artists aren't easy to find but they are all out there, it isn't their fault if people want all the same music..
@myklj999 (33037)
• Olney, Illinois
1 Nov 06
Most music has never been original. Most bands have never written their own material. Especially in the pop genre.
• United States
2 Feb 07
I personally think that is lame. More musicians should be orignal. It just seems to be getting really bad these days when it comes to copying everyone elses music.