what do you this about this?

April 10, 2008 6:13pm CST
hi every body!!! when i was walking with my friends,i suddenly saw a croud of small childrens waiting to cross the road, & realised they were all from a near by orphanage, every child was so happy & laughing when they saw us, & the people around them, who were new, i saw the longing in their eyes, & longing fro something which is not known, then i realised that they were not having the things what i was having, a FAMILY, love, father, mother, sisters, & little things, then a thought suddenly stricked me, if every house in india, just adopt a child, there will be no orphanages in india or in the world, just one child, for they will all have a family, who loves, i know that it is diffucult to even imagine to adopt a child just like that, but its just an idea, now i have planned that though i have a kid of my own, i will surely adopt one, i know that there are many who help these kids, by educating them, visiting them, things like that, why not just adopt one for each little family, what do you think???
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@maximax8 (31136)
• United Kingdom
20 Apr 08
Yes, each family adopting one orphan is a lovely idea. However some mum's wouldn't want a child unless it was theirs naturally. I think an adopted child should be treated the same as the ladies naturally born children. In my home country the social services may it very difficult of for a lady or a couple to adopt a child. Many checks are made and social workers are involved. Getting approval can take as much as two years. Then the lady or the couple will only be able to adopt a specific type of child, a girl aged between 3 and 6 for example. The same lengthy checks have to be made for adopting a child internationally. Every child in the world deserves to have a family that loves them and takes good care of them.
@Hatley (163984)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Apr 08
cindrel27 that is so wonderful and it would really make such a differnce in each childs life to have a family to caall their own.Small families taking one child that is such a postive idea and should be workable too. at my age I could not do that but for young people that would be such a blessing for those children.
@soulist (2985)
• United States
11 Apr 08
My plan for whenever I get married is to adopt a child within the nation to give a loving home.