How does the photo upload pays you??

October 31, 2006 8:46pm CST
see this is very annoying that yesterday i had uploaded about 50 pics of various sizes but i got the payment of only 0.06 $. i did not understand that how is it possible. So any one having the answer please suggest.
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@hariharan23 (1076)
• India
1 Nov 06
yesterday i posted about 130 responses an 20 pics . i got $3.50.
@ossie16d (11825)
• Australia
1 Nov 06
It depends on what country you are, what time you were online etc. Also myLot has a new alert out today regarding this, so go to guidelines and read about how they will pay for photos. Basically the photo you upload has to relate to the discussion and you cannot use the same photo all the time in discussions. Good luck and hope it works out well for you. I was one of those who uploaded lots of photos but they didn't relate the the discussion, so was not paid but that is what happens sometimes. :)
@BELMCstar (1341)
• Australia
1 Nov 06
Eric on Fire - Eric on Fire
If you check the guidelines, it tells you that the photo you post needs to be relavant to the discussion, so you cannot put a picture of fish with a discussion about birds. You also do not get credit for posting the same image all the time. Other things like that are mentioned. Read the guidelines for more information.