How do you read, and which is better?

April 11, 2008 4:12am CST
This days the reading(books) culture is going down, as people don't buy books as they use to, Is like the internet is taking alot of our time this days. We read on the internet,but is it as much as we read books? Where do really get more concentration is it reading on the internet or reading the paper books?
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• Philippines
14 Apr 08
i dont usually read on the net. its straining my eyes. im most comfortable with books because i can bring it with me anywhere i go. yeah! i spend most of my time on the net but because of work. i also dont like E-books. hehehe
@paid2write (5201)
11 Apr 08
I do research and find information on the internet, so in a way that is reading, but when I read for pleasure I have a book in my hand. I don't think people are buying fewer books since the internet became popular because the biggest seller on the net is the printed book, which started selling years ago. Although amazon now sells lots of different things it is still selling a lot of books.
@MGjhaud (23112)
• Philippines
11 Apr 08
I do read in both means. Sometimes when I'm on the Internet waiting for something to download, I read books. Sometimes books are better than ebooks. Books can be carried anywhere I go so I prefer books than using Internet connection when I wanted to read. Internet is useful but not purely in reading like long hours of reading. Because personally and honestly I'm using Internet connection mainly not in reading.
@Umbra75 (56)
• United States
11 Apr 08
I like to read novels and actual stories in books, but I'd rather look for information I can use online. Though, I think books will be coming back into popularity. People are starting to see that it's a lot easier to curl up with a good book, then to curl up with a laptop screen. Even if they print out the stories they read, turning the pages in a binder or folder just isn't the same. I don't have a clue whether or not newspapers will ever be the same, but....
@littleone3 (2063)
11 Apr 08
I much prefer paper books you can curl up with them. Also you can read a book in the bath one of my favorite places to read.You could not do that with a computer. I never read books on the internet as i feel i concentrate better on them if they are in paper form.
• Indonesia
11 Apr 08
honestly, I prefer reading conventionally. I mean reading a book, not from internet. We can repeat it as much as we want, we can read it anywhere and anytime.
• China
11 Apr 08
You are absolutely right!I bought books when I did not have computer So I read on the internet mostly.