the features ofthe post 80s generation

April 11, 2008 5:05am CST
I was born in 1985, as the post 80s generation, I'd like to summarize the features of post 80s generation in China, if you have something to add,please comment on it. 1. a generation with so few siblings, the result of China's one-child policy 2. addicts of online games,patron of imported fast food chains and audience of Hollywood movies 3. have never been tempered by a hard life 4. layoff is so common. 5. marry at an older age and don't want to give a birth. 6. like daydream,live in a virtual world. 7. fast food, fast love, fast marriage 8. an adherent of egoism.
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• Philippines
13 Apr 08
wow, you are born in the year of the ox...same as my younger should be a very lucky year but with some setbacks on dealing with others...but overall it should be lucky year ahead and much more promise in your on year 2009 financially... people born in year of the ox are very hard working...and can excel in areas related with real estates or land... please consider these areas... ^_^ 9. young people tend to use bad words often and gross disrespect to elders. (im not sure but when i went to china about 8years ago thats what i see.