Another day in the office

April 11, 2008 8:32am CST
What are the first things (let say 3 o 4 o 5) that you do when you arrive in the office? For example: 1)Turn on my Computer; 2)Reading email (job and not); 3)Reading some e-news (e.g.times, bbc etc...) 4)View my bank account (maybe someone for error decided to give some money :) ) and so on
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@loved1 (5332)
• United States
16 Apr 08
Well, I work at home so my routine is a bit different. The first thing I do is make coffee! Then I start feeding all of the daycare children and get my own children dressed and ready for school. After getting all the school aged children on the bus I have time to clean up the mess and finally check my email.
• China
11 Apr 08
When I arrive in the office: 1)Talk with my partner about one pleasure thing which happened yestody; 2)Then turn on my computer; 3)Receive the task from my boss; 4)Make an arrangmet; 5)Start my work...
• Singapore
11 Apr 08
1) Turn on my laptop 2) Wash my cup while it boots up 3) Pour myself a drink 4) Logon to email and open whatever applications that would stay on my screen for the rest of the day 5) Eat my sandwich while I clear my emails 6) Clear my in-tray 7) Glued to the monitor trying to generate a report using the most manual method ever (for the rest of the day), with frequent interruptions from my telephone (I wish i could smash it, 90% are internal calls & dumb questions)
@Raysrunt (72)
• United States
11 Apr 08
The first thing I do when I reach the office is to turn on my computer, of course. Then I go get a cup of tea while I wait for it to boot up, which can sometimes take as much as 5 or 6 minutes. I usually don't get time to read my e-mail (work only) until the work is caught up. Some people in our office take time in the morning to gossip a little before starting the actual job, but I'd rather get the rush over with and then talk. (Darn that work ethic,anyway!)