oh, let me tell you what he did!

United States
April 11, 2008 8:00pm CST
My bestfriend called the other day and she was outraged. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she just caught her husband in bed with her grandmother. Gross!!! Her grandmother is 86. What was he thinking? But hear this, my friend said that she may stay with him despite this happening because the family loves him. Duh, we know granny loves him. Is there anyone that may have gone through a similar situation, or know of someone who has that can give me advice for my friend?
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@focjop20 (233)
• Puerto Rico
18 Apr 08
What about going out with Grand Pa; that may help him understand.
• United States
12 Apr 08
Omg. That is so horrible. i can't believe her husband would do anything like that and her Grandmother?! It's crazy how family would do that to each other. Very disrespectful. If my husband were to ever do that to me I would leave him in a heartbeat. how awkard it must be to be around her family now. I hope she does the right thing and leave him. No one deserves that.
@Sonadora (356)
• United States
12 Apr 08
Can I say that is just twisted!! Well, you saying that the family loves him makes me wonder if he's been in bed with anyone else. I have never heard of anyone with this situation happening. I agree that it just seems gross, although I do know some couples in their 80s that are in pretty darn good shape. Still, he messed around with her family. I think she should just be done with him. And a relationship shouldn't be based on whether or not your family loves him, but rather whether you love him. To go even further, I wouldn't be able to sleep with him ever again just knowing what he did.