Los Angeles - cutting workers and jobs... big time!!

@coffeebreak (17811)
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April 11, 2008 10:33pm CST
I just saw on the news tonight that here in Los Angeles, the Mayor just announced that LA had the biggest budget deficit in the history of the town and there are going to be massive lay-offs of city employees. The fact that why doesn't he do anything about stopping illegal immigration to the town and supporting them while here, of course is not the answer..but we move on... Anyway, the news crew, after filming the Mayor announcing this, went out to some city workers - they were fixing the roads, and asked them their "thoughts" (like there is going to be different "thoughts' about being layed off!) and the first guy says "I have not heard of that until you just now told me" and the second guy says "yeah, but with no one doing the work to supervise, why do they need all the supervisors hanging around?" I thought "Kudos to you sir! I have never heard anyone stand up and shout the obvious! They get rid of those that actually do the labor of the work and leave those behind the desks...to supervise....something that isn't there. Been there, seen that, done that! I was one of them, only not a city employee. I was the little guy that had to do the work of 3 people when they layed off 2 cause the budget was over drawn while the big wigs, still sat behind their desks doing nothing but sign off on work I did as they came back for their 3 martini lunches - or in this companys case - 8 shots of saki lunches! Los Angeles - we are in for a big round of problems!!! Just thought I'd mention this.
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@bfarrier1 (2082)
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10 Aug 08
I sure hope those poor people were able to get different jobs. I sort of have a job like that,too many chiefs that dont realize what real work is but they critize the ones doing the real work.You have a great night