What do I do standing in front of this crossroad?

April 12, 2008 7:54pm CST
2 years ago,I made a big mistake about my choice of college major,which I overlooked,or rather ,pretended not to see .And I regret it so much.Right now I'm kinda in that situation again,choosing something just because my family think it's good for me,which I don't really like.And it's not long before I realize how wrong it feels. Luckily,it's not so late as the last time.I can fix it in time.But the trouble is,it's anainst my family's expectation.I know it's time for me to make my own decisions,but how can I just ignore them like this.After all,it was me that decided to try something else bucause of the first mistake,and they gave me advices ,and I took them,and now I'm the one to say I wanna quit again.It's easy to see how frustrated they'll get.What do I do?
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• Philippines
13 Apr 08
I have also been in an almost similar cross road before, but it was about me choosing between two different careers. The best thing I did was to pray for it and discern God's will for me and so I choose to get out of my comfort zone. My work now may not be that financially rewarding as the previous one but I was more blessed of the quality time for family and other things which I never had on my first work. I guess, we things that matters aside from what you can get from work.
@TShaheed (80)
• United States
13 Apr 08
i think that your happiness is what is most important. I know that sometimes it feels great knowing that your family is proud of you but you are the only person who has to live your life. If you are not happy doing what you aree doing then you are the only person who can change your situation. I'm sure thqt if you told your family how truly unhappy you are then they would understand. I am sure that your happiness is important to them.