A possible science experiment

August 18, 2006 6:48am CST
A few weeks ago I was given a science assignment and the subject was/is "does the amount of sugar that is dissolved depend on the temperature?" Logically, I know that the answer is a yes, duh! But I have no experiment that I know of that will prove me right. So if anyone knows a good experiment for this subject could you please notify me ASAP? Thank you
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@aquarian83 (1944)
• United States
19 Oct 06
the writer doent need answer ne more it seems as she is not replying back
• India
25 Aug 06
if u want an experiment then do standerd solution of sucrose & then add sucrose to it u will find that sucrose will emain undisollved in the solution. at this time heat the solution and add sucrose to it il will disolve copletely. i u give more temp to the slution u will diso.. more suc. to this