I'm 27 years old girl, never work and never had a boyfriend....

April 13, 2008 4:33am CST
Hello myLotter and friends I have a very unique friend, she is 27 years old girl, she never been worked, even there is a part time, and she never had a boyfriend. She is so confused, she want to continue her study ( Master Degree ) or she want to start apply a job. I told her that is was rather late to her to apply job, because a lot of fresh graduate with younger age will be her competitor. She already graduated in 2004. She worry to much if she has to study again. She never find a boy or a close friend before, I mean no one try to have date with her. She only have 2 close friend ( both are girls ), I don't know what the problem is but she a little bit worry about that. Do you have a similar experience, or you have a friend with a same condition? What should I told her? thank you and God bless you
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
tell her to stop looking for a boyfriend and don't think about it too much. also tell her to slow down on her not to be too serious about life, take it esy and just enjoy it. life is not all about studying and working a career. tell her to start living a life be with friends and get to know new ones. it is a matter of being the right person and the right person will b attracted to her.
• India
13 Apr 08
Oh dont worry, she can apply 4 a part-time job and aslo continue her studies and about her not having a boy-frend is okay, we can live the moment we r single, any ways if shez worried about that, then you help her out and arrange few frendz whom you know and also build her confidence..
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@deicide (32)
• China
13 Apr 08
don't worry, everything is ok. As a friend of her, you should arouse her, and introduce more friend to her. Give her confidence to have more friend.
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