can somebody tell me if there's something wrong with friendster lately?

April 13, 2008 5:02am CST
i can't create a new album. everytime i load new pictures, they end up in existing albums coz i can't create a new one. when i finally decided to load everything in the my public photos album, most pictures get rejected. of the 50 pix i tried to load, only 8 got accepted. was i pissed! i posted my complaint in the bulletin, and until now i can't find it anywhere. i'm sure i submitted it and it got sent but it's nowhere to be seen. and to make matters worse, or maybe somebody ot pissed at me too, coz when i checked yesterday, all my pictures, including my profile pic got lost! all i see are tiny buttons that when you right click and try to view, they return as "image can't be found". what is wrong? am i being punished or am i just paranoid?
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• Philippines
14 Apr 08
From what I know, you can only do 10 albums. And you can only upload up to 2MB of pictures. So if some don't show, you probably exceeded the limit. Just refresh the page from time to time and it might show.