What do u feel when u see innocnet children?

April 13, 2008 6:50am CST
I think children are the gift of God and they make us happy when we watch them doing some innocent thing or doing osme naughty think. they fell me happy all the time when ui see them and every child has his or her own qualities. i love the chilrens.
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@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
Oh, it simply made me smile and it really warmed my heart. I sometimes wish that there will be no harm that would come to them otherwise it will break my heart. I love kids so much!
• Pakistan
21 Apr 08
thanks a lot for ur ncie resopnse here and yes they make us happy and joyfull. thaks a lot once again
@fredgame (1261)
• China
13 Apr 08
Really children are the blessing of God and they should be treated as such. i teach in a kindergarten and they're so interesting though some are naughty and can act sometime like adult. they're very innocent to so many things. i really like children and when a child cries i feel so sad about it. i often like to see the child playing and smiling though......
• Pakistan
14 Apr 08
thaks a lot for ur nice reply and response here and u are right chilren are the blessing of God almighty.
@kezabelle (2980)
13 Apr 08
I have two children and before I had them I worked with children caring for them while their parents worked, I love being around children watching them learn and play. My children are a real blessing and a true gift for which I am blessed to have
• Pakistan
14 Apr 08
yes u are right it is alway good to wathc the children and their innocent doing and talks. i dont have children but i love them a lot. thanks a lot for ur nice response here.