Do women really fall in LUV?

April 13, 2008 12:21pm CST
This one is an extension of my discussion "Do men really fall in LUV?" While most of the men show interest in women only to have their desires fulfilled there are few who really love their beloved and stay with her for their lifetime, but what about women? There many kinds of people even in female category. Firstly, those who show interest in men only to have pleasure with them. Secondly, those who test the attitude of men for a very long time to just kiss him. Thirdly, the one who easily fall in love with the person who try to take care of her even though if it is on a moral basis, this kind of people are very sensitive about the relationships they maintain and can be very harsh during a breakup. Next, the kind where in she gives lots of time for the one she loves to think so that he can stay with her in the long run. And the next kind would be the one who really take care of each and every small things about her beloved so that he would never forget her even if he wants to, though she can leave him if he is in love with some other. Lastly, the kind wherein the girl just plays with him in a very bad manner by destroying everything he possess like friends, family, career and even the talent he possessed it in past only because of some filthy reason which even she cant explain. There are many more different sort of women in this world but only few of them are true about their love....!!!
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• Canada
13 Apr 08
I never used to believe in love. Then it hit me in the face and knocked me out! lol I used to be the type of girl that said love was over rated and i would never fall in love or get married, then i got married, and divorced, after my divorce i did not think i would fall in love again, then it happened, a feeling i had never felt before in my life, a feeling so strong it scared me.