i would buy stocks if i were you...

United States
April 13, 2008 2:14pm CST
i think this is the best time to buy stocks right now because almost everything in the stock market are for sale. if i were you, you should consider buying high dividend paying stocks and when they turn into bargains. i would tell you one stock that is worth owning, that's pfizer, symbol, PFE, i would buy this stock right now because it has come to down from $25 to around $20 bucks per share. i would not worry about this stock going down because even if it goes down, it still pays you high dividend. i think this stock will bounce back with the help of recessionary times like this because healthcare stocks tend to gain momentum when there is blood on the streets. i would buy right now before it goes back up again. i would wait and do my research to see if this stock has some catalyst on the way. i would hold on to it until it goes back to $25 and then sell it at that point probably 1/3 of my current position and then when it goes down again, i would buy more.
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• Philippines
16 Apr 08
i agree in down market...we can buy bargain stocks for its dividend gain and hold it long for capital gains...nice strategy...^_^
• United States
13 Apr 08
I agree. The stockmarket will go up again. Just don't expect a quick profit, but hold on for the long term. Sharebuilder.com is a great place for buying stocks. They have a low transaction fee. You can also buy partial stocks, if you have only a little bit of money to invest. I am buying Pepsi (I drink enough of it to get the stock up all by myself) and Walmart stocks at $4 a month every month. I hope to have a full share soon. If you buy a dividend stock, you get a partial dividend payout equal to the amount of a share of stock you own. It's great.