Obama lost my vote and here's why

@rowantree (1190)
United States
April 13, 2008 6:30pm CST
Recently Barack Obama came to my state, to a city about half an hour away from me. You had to have tickets to attend the event, which were given out for free to anyone who showed up at his campaign office set up nearby. He then visited even closer to where I live, about 15 minutes away. Again, tickets were required to attend the event and again, a campaign office was set up in the city. This time, however, when you visited the office to obtain your ticket, you were told that you had to make 75 campaign phone calls for Obama. If you refused, you were told that "there's nothing I can do for you". In other words, NO TICKET. That's right, if you don't make the phone calls, you don't get a ticket, you can't get in to listen to the Presidential hopeful speak. Fast forward a few days and he's in another state, telling people that due to a scarcity of jobs, Americans in small towns are bitter and cling to their guns and their religion. The first event that I write about above, where the tickets were given out freely, took place in a city where the majority of the population are African American. The second event took place in a city where the majority of the population are Caucasian. Obama's office originally denied having the "75 phone call requirement" for the 2nd city, but then later admitted it and said they regretted it. Regret is something Obama really knows something about, because after defending his small town American comment for a few days, he finally stated that he "regretted" the comment. I really wanted to vote for him. I thought it was important that he win this election. I really, REALLY wanted him to be President of the United States. But obviously, the man has decided he doesn't want to run anymore, because if you really wanted people to vote for you, you're not going to require them to make 75 phone calls for each ticket to see you at a campaign event. You're not going to make mean comments about small town Americans. They're the same people you want to vote for you - you don't bite at them. If he didn't want to run anymore, he should just come right out and say so rather than making people angry.
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