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April 13, 2008 9:54pm CST
I have a problem that I need advice from,,,my 16 year olds boyfriends father is 37 and going with an 18 year old, which is his choice, the problem is, everytime he has a problem or needs company, etc. he calls my 16 yr old daughter, or goes joy riding with her to talk...she says he is like a dad to her and a good friend, thats it...but I dont' feel comfortable with this.. She says that I don't understand, that he is a dad she never had,that I don't care, etc...I told her I do care that is why I don't want it to go on,,if he is seeing a 18yr old, what makes her age any different? We had a major arguement tonight in regards to this, for when she is with "them" she is different..they control her,telling her she can't get her license til her boyfriend does,for an example..telling her she can leave next summer when she graduates, that she doesn't need to wait til she is 18. I tell her she does have to wait until she is 18. they just bought a trailer, and they have her go over to do the laundry, clean, etc...what is wrong with the 18 yr old girlfriend that moved in with them to be the "mom" to his two teenage (one is the same age) sons? How can I get her to understand that I do care and that I am very uncomfortable with this? we seem to be drifting apart and I don't want that,,she is my baby of 5 and what closeness we had, is being destroyed....please, any advice would be greatly appreciated..
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14 Apr 08
Wow...you really are in a tough spot. I can't imagine an 18 year old having much of anything in common with a 37 year old and I don't know of any 18 year old that wants to be a mom to two teenagers that are her same age. It may be the 37 year old is shopping for a younger version and has his sights set on your daughter. I'd sit your daughter down and talk to her about what she wants to do with her future and does she think hanging out with these ppl are gonna help her achieve it. I'd point out all the things that this 18 year old is missing out on...education, working, friends, dating...by taking on the responsibility of two teenage kids and an older man. I'd also point out to her that part of the 18 year old's choice to live this life is that she needs to have the responsibility of laundry, cooking, ect...after all that's part of playing house. I'd find out what she finds so attractive of this other lifestyle and see where she might need some help at. Good luck with it. **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~