PC Games for GIRLS!!

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April 14, 2008 6:32pm CST
So Recently I've been noticing there’s been a lot of new "GIRL" games coming out. So I thought I'd review some of the ones I’ve played and share my opinion with you all. I will review 2 games here. "Jojo's Fashion Show" By Gamelab I can not get enough of this game. I have played it all the way thru and have replayed it as well. I haven't yet been able to get 5 star shows in all rounds but that's my goal! LOL! DESCRIPTION: You are the designer and you have to beat the clock to assemble outfits that fit into a specific style, the basic concept is pretty simply but there’s things to make it more interesting too. The one thing I feel that could have made this game PERFECT would be if you could actually design some of the cloths, But other then that its great. "Fashion Star" By Spintop GamesIn this one your a freelance designer who has gets to pick and choose from different job offers and meet the requirements of that job and build up a great reputation in your line of work. As you complete each job more clothing is available as well as more opportunities for work. Over all this ones fun but gets hard quick. I like the fact that in this games you ale to mo so much "designing" From picking the style and color and the effects and backdrop for the photos, lets you be creative and it makes it more personal. This game is good as well but be warned its not a simple time management or complete the task type game it actually takes some imagination. But that’s a wonderful thing. Well that’s my first two quick reviews I’d love to hear of some of you thoughts on these games as well as learn about some other ones that you have enjoyed. I will write two new reviews soon.
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15 Apr 08
I am not familiar with either game but it doesn't surprise me that there is a new rush to get girls involved in gaming, it happens every couple of years. Each time they make a little more headway, but not because of the games really. The more girls use the computer or gaming system they find it puts them on equal footing as boys like no other medium. While the majority of gamers are still guys girls are making their move there mostly because they get these little fashion games and discover they like playing on the computer/GS but the games for girls are kind of lame and make the switch to the popular titles.
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10 Jul 08
Well as the saying goes well thats one mans opinion! Just kidding! I have enjoyed "male" video games for many years. There are some games that I can beat most of the guys that I play (I really like midway sports games) I know they are the easiest to play but I have liked them ever sence I first played Blitz. However the GTA and other "follow the map" games honestly make my head hurt when I have tried to play but that could have been caused part by the fact that the map is always moving and my man shouting "NO YOUR GOING THE WRONG WAY FOLLOW THE D@&! DOT!" Hehe! But the fashion games I actually came a scross and they were originally for my daughter but found myself "helping" her more then she wanted me too! They are not filled with action but still I found them to be fun, maybe thats cause I have always liked designing myself. But you are right they wont ever take the place of the fun action filled games that MEN enjoy playing! Thanks for the comment!