what's is your motto in life?

April 14, 2008 6:43pm CST
what is your motto in life? do you follow it?
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• Philippines
18 Apr 08
Can it be four....first..."Knowlwdge is power" ,"Sucess is not easily won, it requires sacrfice and hardwork" , "If today doesn't end the way you planned it, God dont need to create tomorrow" and "True love never fails"
@rombi001 (941)
14 Apr 08
I haven't thought about it before... I guess it would be "Life is short make the most of it" :) I try my best to live that way
• United States
14 Apr 08
My motto in life is cease the day and just do it. I got the second motto "Just do it" from Nike. And I though it'll be a cool motto for the times when I feel lazy and didn't feel like doing my responsibilities or something. So I would say it and then I would quickly do whatever I have to do. It sounds corny but it works. And I haven't been following "cease the day" too much because of all the stuff I have to do. I rarely find myself with a few minutes to just lay in bed and just think.