do you took summer classes....

April 14, 2008 9:53pm CST
No......... Because Summer is the day to take a rest. it's the time to lessen are activities. I'm very busy when summer ends and started to go to our university studying , making projects and taking exams............... Why Don't you take a rest this summer.... To make yourself too greedy to finish your course.... Your body needs attentions also....
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16 Apr 08
YES!! GRRR... i hate summer classes but i'm obliged to enroll because i only have 9 units (3 subjects) left to graduate...all of them are offered this summer. besides, in our school, summer classes spell "free pass" since nobody i guess i just have to go through this and then...I'M FREE!
@yamskee (827)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
I already graduated from my bachelors degree. but when i was still in school, i grabbed the opportunity i can get from summer classes so that my subject loads for regular semester wont be full and so that i can have more time for other things such us, extra curricular activities.
• India
15 Apr 08
mostly i use summers to increase mu skills,i go for learing guitar and drum,learn something new in computers,