What's the point of living if you know you're going to die???

April 15, 2008 6:13am CST
Have you ever think of what is your purpose in this world? What's the point of living when you know you're going to die? Why do people need to kill in order for them to live? Why do people need brilliant and colorful clothes? Do we really need gadgets in living? Why do beggars need to beg if they know they are going to die? What is really the point of living? Is it love that keeps human beings alive? or is it just the will to live that keeps us from being alive? is it the feeling of not being contented that keeps us from breathing? or is it just the pain of dying that keeps us away from death?
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18 Apr 08
from all that i have been told our purpous of being here is to recreate, now im unsure why that is lol. i just think that we are here to learn and live each day as it comes, my point of living at the moment is for my children, they are my world and my whole reason for being here in my eyes,