Need boys give their lovers security?

@yingui (74)
April 15, 2008 10:09am CST
It was saturday,my mom phoned me as usual.As we refered to my sister Crystal who works in BeiJing, mom showed her disatisfaction for Crystal's boyfriend. He is really a shy boy .They have been gone steady with each other for almost two years ,however ,he even doesn't dare to talk to my family on the phone till now .He acts like a child who hasn't grow up completed. His poor performance makes my mather worry indeed .She certainly doesn't wish such a person to take care of her daughter .In case he is incapable to fender for himself ,let alone my sister . Mom's worry is reasonable .All parents wish their chidren a happy life .Even though i don't feel like seeing her intervetion in Crystal's love affair .We have come of age ,maybe it's the time for us to make the choice .We are seeking for the person who is going to live with us for the rest of our life .And no one has the magic ability to predict how the person will be like .We just use our feelings and by all heart and soul . However ,live in such a realistic world ,we have to take bread into consideration. Living always comes first .It is aslo the boys' obiligation to guaratee girls who are going to be their wives stable life --both security in mental and material . Though someone may argue that men and women have the equal responsibility in supporting the family ?That's true in theroy .But the actual world turns out to be a little different .In a word ,boys ,you really have to take action .Do make your lover and her family feel the assurance .Sense of safety is paramount for both of them .
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29 Apr 08
Dear ,please do not reveal your sister name together with her address online,it is very dangerous.Ha,joking! Anyway, I should say,on this site,everyone is anonymous.There is no need to know who you really are.So ,please do not do that again.Try to use he/she or it to describe the person you are familiar with. I am very very confused now.Even some times, I think I am a failure.You know,life is becoming hard when you are no more young.I have to consider marriage,parents and my career.At the begining,i chose to study far away from home and gave up my teacher job.I don't whether this decision was wrong or not.However, I have made it.The road is pretty rough,it is true,I felt regretful several times for my harsh act.I know exactly what i am doing , I am in the pursuit of happiness.But at present,everyone is worried about my situation.It seems I have made no achievement after staying in Beijing for almost 4 years. I do hope things will be better soon!